What to expect in the Small business Podcast

Our focus with the podcasts is to provide you an opportunity to learn from other entrepreneurs and hear some of the challenges they’ve encountered. We also have included key people from the business Eco-System that support small businesses in their efforts to grow, hire, and learn how to be better business owners. There are a range of businesses from restaurants, event planning, personal trainers, reluctant entrepreneurs, accidental entrepreneurs that are listed in our library of recordings! 

Our small business podcast topics include: budgeting, health & wellness, corporate structures, tax planning, payroll, hiring, contracts, how obtain capital, credit, tax reporting, & QuickBooks, just to name a few! 

Send us an email on what challenges YOU face in the Hustle, Juggle & Struggle of your small business. We welcome topic ideas that you are curious about, want insight or just want to explore something new! 

If you are interested in being a guest, send an email to: thalia@plemonscpa with your business name and contact information. 

Let’s talk! 

To subscribe and play only audio files visit https://ironmic.fm/the-hustle-juggle-and-struggle-of-small-business-s0ZjkAl/episodes

For Season 1, 2 & 3 Episodes, please visit our YouTube channel.


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