There are numerous reports that you can use or create in QuickBooks online that can help you get a fix on different aspects of your business.    Here is a link to step-by-step instructions on how to run some basic reports. 

Run Reports in QuickBooks Online 

Because I come from an accountant’s background, I tend to gravitate toward traditional financial reports, like the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss.  Both of these are pre-created for you and available for all levels of QuickBooks online.  Here are some things you might not have known about these two types of reports: 

Reviewing your reports on a monthly basis is key to knowing and understanding what is going on with your business.  Whether you have internal bookkeeping or outsource this function to another company, you should always be aware of what is happening with your financials and know how to pull them up in an instant for review.  If you have additional questions shoot me an e-mail at or click on the “Let’s Meet” button above, to get a little extra guidance, we are here to help!