I was once told that the most efficient way to move through a program is by learning and getting comfortable with using the program’s “quick keys”. You know, those shortcuts that you use to get to or perform a certain action. The ever-popular copy and paste (ctrl – c and ctrl – v) you know the ones. Every program has them, even QuickBooks, and yes the ctrl-c and ctrl-v work in this program too. For whatever reason, this little adage has stuck with me, and over the years, has proven true! So I wanted to share some of the most popular “Quick Keys” with everyone. I hope they help!

Ctrl + Alt + S = Save the transaction and starts a new one
Ctrl + Alt + D = Save the transaction and close the transaction window
Ctrl + Alt + P = Print the transaction
Ctrl + Alt + / = Display Keyboard Short Cuts
Ctrl + Alt + F = Display the search transaction page
Ctrl + Alt + C = Display Customer page
Ctrl + Alt + V = Display the Vendors page
Ctrl + C = Copy
Ctrl + V = Paste
Ctrl + X = Cut

There are many quick key shortcuts that you could use beyond the 10 that I listed here, these are just
the ones that I find help me and my clients the most. Feel free to use the Ctrl+Alt+/shortcut or shoot
me an e-mail at rita@plemonscpa.com to get a complete list of the options out there. Who knows you
might just find one that you were wishing for all along!

Spoiler alert, there is no quick key that will do the dirty work for you, but there may be some that will
make the job get done just a tiny bit faster.